Hugh B. Hughes & Son, Inc., Funeral Home provides personalized services to meet the personal desires of each family.


Traditional Service

This service includes embalming, services of funeral director and staff, viewing hours and funeral services at the funeral home or at a local church of your choice, a register book, memorial records, prayer cards and necessary transportation. Floral tributes will be displayed and you are encouraged to bring in photographs and other memorabilia to further personalize your service.


Specialized Service

From specialized transportation such as horse and casket carriage to military tributes, we can arrange additional elements to enhance your service. This also includes special musical tributes such as bugle and/or bagpipes.


Graveside Service

Arranging a graveside service to be held at the burial site is one of several options. We can handle all the necessary elements to make this service memorable and beautiful.



A cremation can be as simple as a direct cremation or a complete funeral service with cremation will follow instead of burial.


Memorial Service

A personalized memorial service can be held in our funeral home chapel or a location of your choice. We are here to help you in the planning process.



Making funeral arrangements in advance can offer you and your family emotional benefits, giving you and your family more time to consider options and make well-informed decisions without feeling rushed. You'll also have a sense of comfort knowing the arrangements have already been taken care of. Your surviving family members will also have less to worry about in the event of your death. There are also financial benefits. By pre-paying, you will be paying today's prices. We can explain payment methods and investment options. When you prepay, your estate will owe nothing on funeral expenses. More of your assets and life insurance proceeds will go directly to your family

Once you gain an understanding of all the costs involved, you can earmark a portion of your savings to cover those costs