We believe that planning a meaningful funeral service is one of the most valuable things we can give a loved one. The funeral allows family and friends to remember and honor the life of a loved one in a special way, personalized to the uniqueness of every individual. It provides a comfortable gathering place for family and friends to give emotional support to one another, and encourages mourners to face the pain of their loss and express their thoughts and feelings.


Our dedicated staff wants to help you any way we can in planning and carrying out a meaningful funeral service. Our funeral directors are intimately familiar with the planning process, key decisions a grieving family must make, and necessary legal documentation that is required during this difficult time. We are here to help create a unique service that fits your needs.


A meaningful funeral service can help loved ones express their grief and move toward health and healing. Hugh B. Hughes strives to bring family, friends and communities together to show support, compassion, love, hope, and understanding, to those grieving. This helps encourage loved ones to think about the person who has died and to explore the meaning of their life and the ways in which they touched the lives of others. Remembering and reflecting are an important part of the process of grief and mourning.


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